„Alpacas: The Gold of the Andes“

If you like soft, cosy and natural wool in winter… You will definitely love alpaca wool! Compared to other wools and fabrics on the market, the alpaca has many advantages.

It is pleasant to the touch, much warmer than traditional sheep wool, even being extremely fine. Alpaca is also silky and comfortable… and best of all, no chemicals that attack your body and the environment.

Since alpacas can only be shorn about once every three years, their wool is very rare and thus extremely valuable. The product of this very first shearing of the animal is called „Baby Alpaca“ and occurs only once.

Alpacas are able to develop this special fiber because of their environmental conditions: they are found on the Andes, where many live over 3000 meters altitude.

What makes alpaca so special?

Vicuña and alpaca wool are considered as the most luxurious and finest wool in the world. A list with the reasons why alpaca is so special:

  • Alpaca wool is very thin and can reach a thickness of only 19 microns.
  • Alpaca wool is 3 times stronger than sheep’s wool and even 7 times warmer.
  • Alpaca wool has excellent insulation and excellent thermal qualities.
  • The microscopic air cushions between the gossamer fibers make this fabric incredibly light and still very warm.
  • Alpaca wool has a silky shine, which remains despite its production, dyeing and washing in its naturalness.
  • Alpaca wool contains no fats, oils or lanolin.  Totally natural!
  • Alpaca wool is dirt and water repellent and insensitive to sunlight.
  • Alpaca wool has a high durability, which ensures easy care and sustainability of clothing.    
  • Alpaca wool is hypoallergenic.    
  • Alpaca wool is available in more than 22 natural colors (in shades of brown and gray).

The Gold of the Andes

All these qualities are the reason that the alpaca wool is called  „Gold of the Andes“. Every product made of 100% alpaca wool is a pure, luxurious and natural treasure! Today, this wool is still an insider tip and is already being traded as the new cashmere.

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