Merino Wool: sophisticated fashion by Mandua

One of the most produced wool types in the world is the merino wool. Nowadays there are many regions which produce and export this type of wool, either as a raw-material or as an already customized product. One of the most relevant merino wool production areas in the world is the Argentinian-Andean region of Patagonia.

Mandua has recently launched a collection of merino designs, using mainly natural colours, thin and thick handspun garn wool. This collection consists on a triangular shawl, a fringed blanket and the sets of scarf and cap, which discreetly combine the natural color of the wool with more vivid colors, also in merino wool.

Regarded as luxurious, the merino wool is cuddly soft, light, and very high quality. This wool is mostly beige and, depending on the type of the merino-sheep, it can also have a grayish or a black hue. Even the natural combination of its colors already grant a sophisticated design, which can be seen in a few of the exemplars of this remarkably charming collection. Additionally, this is a functional material, which means, that it is thermoactive, but also antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

Mandua merino knitwear are weaved with a loom, which makes each product of this handmade collection unique. Mandua ensures a fair trade, animal friendly and high quality fashion thanks to a mutually respecful treatment between people, animals and nature.

Having such a merino-garment in your closet is a “jewelry” for every slow-fashion lover!

For more information about the Mandua Merino-collections, please click here.